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Adriana Gutierrez
Adriana GutierrezBroker - Realtor
Adriana Gutiérrez, has lived in Texas since she was 4 years old, and has worked in the Real Estate industry for several years, but she is not only passionate about helping families find their next home. Adriana Gutiérrez has worked with colleagues whom she has helped to grow in this noble industry, and that is why just a few months ago she became a Broker, to be able to overflow her passion by sharing her knowledge with those agents who are just starting out or need a mentor, for That is why Adriana Gutiérrez is always generating new events in her community to help more families and colleagues.

Traveling is one of Adriana Gutiérrez’s greatest passions, when Adriana Gutiérrez is not in the office or not guiding new agents, she will often find it in a small town in Woodville, Texas, where she loves to connect with the nature and enjoy your 2 small pets. enjoying time with her friends and family.

As a real estate agent, her first priority is making her clients happy. Listening to the wishes and needs of its customers to achieve the best result in each transaction and strives to ensure that the buying or selling process is fun, easy and stress-free. Her clients can count on her at any time of the day when they have a question or concern.

Throughout her career in real estate, Adriana Gutiérrez has trained and assisted more than 10 licensed real estate agents in Texas to adopt real estate as a full-time career, with experience ranging from six months to 35 years. One of Adriana Gutiérrez’s goals is for these agents to successfully start their own real estate companies at some point. Adriana Gutiérrez, has owned and operated a real estate company and she greatly appreciates the work it takes to be successful in the real estate industry.

Consuelo Benavides
Consuelo BenavidesRealtor
Houston and all of Texas are great places to live and work, which is why Consuelo Benavides chose to call it home. With roots in Colombia, Consuelo Benavides came to Houston from her childhood. Real estate is a passion for Consuelo Benavides, and with her experience selecting and displaying the best homes in Houston, Texas, it is easy to see why hundreds of families in 2020 called Consuelo Benavides, for help in buying and selling.

A very active and connected community member, Consuelo Benavides, in her spare time, also enjoys traveling, exercising, and being on the water during the perfect Houston summers.

Mark Anthony Ramirez
Mark Anthony RamirezRealtor
Mark Anthony Ramirez, has a natural propensity for customer service and intuitively knows what type of property his client is looking for, even if they haven’t described it eloquently. Mark Anthony Ramírez’s ability to observe customer needs and listen to their wishes has made him an instant success and a customer favorite.

Mark Anthony Ramírez, was born into an entrepreneurial family, so customer service and social skills are in his DNA. His love for real estate came from buying investment properties. He realized that he couldn’t change the world for everyone, but the right property can change someone’s world and that’s a great start.

Rosy Montes
Rosy MontesRealtor
Rosy Montes bases her business on more than 80% referrals from satisfied clients. The most important thing for Rosy Montes is to provide the best service to buyers and sellers to earn their trust, referrals and loyalty.

As a real estate agent Rosy Montes, her first priority is to make her clients happy. He listens to the wishes and needs of his customers to achieve the best result in each transaction, and strives to make the buying or selling process fun, easy and stress-free. Rosy Montes clients can count on her at any time of the day when they have a question or concern.

Maria De Leon
Maria De LeonRealtor
María De León has a passion for real estate and for helping clients find a new home. María De León has been a licensed Realtor for several years and a high performance agent at Texas Xpert Realty.

María De León has dedicated her last 4 years to helping clients buy and sell properties with great success. María De León has extensive knowledge and experience in the Houston, Texas market.

In María De León’s free time, María De León participates with her family in recreational activities that allow her to meet new people every day while she enjoys it with her family and friends.

Marissa Stevenss
Marissa StevenssRealtor
Marisa Stevens takes the method approach to truly empathize with her clients. I am no stranger to moving. You see, she and Marisa Stevens family have moved to Houston, Texas to help more families get their new home.

Marisa Stevens speaks Spanish and English, and manages to understand all her buyer clients, that is why she is one of the Realtors with the best connection between clients, Marisa Stevens undoubtedly manages to capture the essence of what her clients are looking for .

Natalie Velasquez
Natalie VelasquezRealtor
As a Houston Native, Natalie does her research so that her clients can optimize their time and be assured of their choices. Natalie takes great pride in providing the highest level of service to help her clients reach the best possible outcome. Natalie’s creative and caring nature is perfect for matching each client’s desires as well as skillfully featuring a home’s unique character and presence.

Natalie is passionate about her career in real estate by her love to help people. She is bilingual in English and Spanish. She cares about her clients and is committed to assisting them through her attention to detail and organizational skills.

Angelica Rivera
Angelica RiveraRealtor
Angelica Rivera representing buyers and sellers in Houston Texas, Angelica Rivera always has an enthusiastic and positive attitude and the caring nature of Angelica Rivera, they are ideal to identify the desires of each client and skillfully guide them to fulfill their goals of buying their home new.

Angelica Rivera was raised from a young age in Texas, which is why Angelica Rivera understands and appreciates the many unique benefits of life in Houston, Texas, with her incomparable places, culture and incredible restaurants.

Denise Montoya
Denise MontoyaRealtor
Denisse Montoya is full of life and energy. She shares her passion with us through a story about her ability to sell from it throughout her life: she started at the tender age of 11 in her parents’ home! If she is on a tight budget and wants to purchase her new home, Denisse Montoya can help.

Denisse Montoya believes that as a real estate agent, you are there to guide your clients to the best possible home for them. Why should they trust her? Her experience and charisma back it up.

Sandra Rivera
Sandra RiveraRealtor
Sandra born and raised Houstonion! Experience in multi-housing property management and leasing of over 11+ years, along with her diverse background and multicultural experiences provide her with a talent that helps determine each one of her clients needs. Fluent in english, and spanish, she doesn’t allow language barriers to stand in the way of homeownership.

Sandra knows how important buying a home for you and your family is and she would love to share her knowledge and help you make Houston, or one of its many surroundings communities, the place you call home today!

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Team Texas Xpert Realty
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